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Loc Oil Spray

You don't need The Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique to tell you that dreadlocs require high-performing loc care products and a high caliber hydrating loc mist to bring out the gloss. And make no mistake about it, the Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique has the queen loc hydration mist and hair care products for braids to stop the show and the presses that your free-flowing dreadlocs so richely deserve.

From faux dreadlocs to starter locs, your dreadlocs require hydrating hair products that are up to the task. The Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique has the loc oil spray and products for starter locs to keep you on your A-game. And for our proud kings rocking dreadlocs and are looking for hair care for braids, our homerun hydrating loc mist and loc oil spray works its magic on you too.

Medusa's Magic original Loc Spray is the centerpiece of the Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique's natural hair care products ensemble. One dose of this elegant and sweet-smelling moisturizing spray for locs is enough to give your dreadlocks that extra attention to detail. You've got the dreadlocs, and the Salon Boutique has the loc refresher spray, products for starter locs and the best hair care products for locs.

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Imagine all the complements coming your way when you have the proper loc oil spray and hair care products for braids. If you were hesitant to transition into dreadlocs or locs, you now realize making that crucial investment in your loc care continues to pay dividends. So, now make a long overdue investment in our hair mist for locs and hair care products for braids. It's not enough for the Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique to settle on cheap hydrating loc mist imitations and poor hair care products for braids. We want all of our divas and kings too, to experience what a loc hydration mist should be.

Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, Medusa's Magic Original Loc Mist Spray continues to rank as one of our best sellers and our marquee loc oil spray and hair care products for braids. Buy your hydrating loc mist spray online. Or if you are in the Bay Area, give us a visit and pick up your loc refresher spray and other hair care products for braids in person.

Dreadlocs Hair Picture
Loc Oil Spray and hydrating loc mist are timeless

Young or old, your dreadlocs deserve the best in loc hair care. You've put it off long enough - claim your hydrating loc mist and loc oil spray. Your dreadlocs won't be disappointed with our supreme hair care products for braids.

No more bad hair days. No more sub-par loc care products or weak hair care products for braids. Oh no. Not with those gorgeous locs styled at the Beauty Lounge Natural Hair Salon Boutique. The same tender love and care that went into your dreadlocs hair care goes into our hydrating mist for locs and A+ hair care products for braids. And if you're beginning your loc journey, don't worry. Medusa's Magic is currently developing flawless growth oil for locs that'll have you in the game in no time.

Dreadlocs Hair Picture
Loc Hair Care and growth oil for locs

Rome wasn't built in a day. Medusa's Magic is the brand you want to keep your eyes on when it comes to the best oil for starter locs and majestic hair care products for braids. But if you faithfully apply the right growth oil for locs, great things can happen.

Medusa's Magic is a newcomer for loc hair care products and dreadlocs hair care. With the right growth oil for locs or loc moisture spray, you're read to let the good times roll with our awesome hydrating loc mist and royal hair care products for braids - fit for a king or a queen.

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