Viola Davis Set To Star In Showtimes First Ladies

Published: March 9th, 2022

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Viola Davis

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Viola Davis transforms into former First Lady, Michelle Obama

The Stories Of Three Of Histories' Most Iconic First Ladies Are Coming To The Silver Screen

As President’s day fast approaches, the Showtime network shifts the spotlight from historic presidents to three of America’s most storied first ladies, Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Betty Ford, in its upcoming anthology drama, The First Lady. Showtime released the first trailer to this widely hyped series before its April launch.

While groundbreaking television shows like 24, and The West Wing, glamorized and depicted the power of the oval office. The First Lady, instead, showcases the importance and the impact of Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Betty Ford’s impact on not only global-changing decisions from their husbands in the Oval Office but their continuing impact on American culture. Fans can expect an adept and intimate interweaving story of these first ladies across three different generations, along with strong interpersonal stories.

Viola Davis First Ladies
(Photo Credit: Showtime)

Some Of History’s Most Powerful Women Are Portrayed By Hollywood’s A-List Actresses

Showtime is taking The First Lady seriously, which is why it cast three of Hollywood’s top female actresses to bring these powerful women to life on the silver screen. Oscar and Emmy winner, Viola Davis, portrays former First Lady Michele Obama. Next, eight-time golden globe nominee Michelle Pfifer brilliantly steps into the portrayal of former first lady Betty Ford, one of history’s most regarded and courageous first ladies. Finally, Gillian Anderson (X-Files) portrays former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

The First Lady doesn’t stop with these three award-winning actresses. Kiefer Sutherland (24) joins the cast as President Franklin Roosevelt, while Aaron Eckhart (London Has Fallen) portrays President Gerald Ford. The star-studded cast continues with Dakota Fanningassuming the role of former first-daughter Susan Elizabeth Ford. Golden Globe winner Regina Taylor (The Negotiator) expertly takes the part of Michelle Robinson, the mother of Michelle Obama.

Viola Davis First Ladies
(Photo Credit: Showtime)

The First Lady Is Set To Impact This President’s Day Weekend

It’s not enough to roll out the first of many trailers to come for The First Lady. Showtime is pulling out all the stops by sending the marketing team at full speed. Fans anticipating The First Lady’s debut on Sunday, April 17th, 9 p.m. ET, can look forward to a dizzying array of digital marketing ads and projections near national landmarks in major cities like New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. The First Lady is a Showtime production with Lionsgate Television and is slated for ten first-season episodes.

Viola Davis First Ladies
(Photo Credit: Showtime)

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