Why You Should Choose A VPS Server To Deploy Your WordPress Website

Published: March 8th, 2022

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WordPress VPS Servers

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Put your Wordress site on a VPS server

Congratulations Magicals. You buckled down and created your very first custom WordPress website. You've invested hours putting together your personal blog to share with the world, or perhaps an e-commerce store with WooCommerce integrated into it, to sell your handmade soap or boutique items. The following investment that must be made is transferring your WordPress site to a live server. Whatever your WordPress website is, they all have to be deployed to a live server. So why not make the extra investment in a VPS server?

A VPS server is an acronym for a virtual private server. True, you can opt to install your elegant WordPress website on a shared hosting platform, but for the extra cost, we're sure you're going to fall in love with the endless possibilities that a VPS server brings. Not to mention, your new blog subscribers or e-commerce customers will visit your WordPress site. The So Magical Naturally team has five top reasons to consider a VPS server.

  1. Extreme reliability
  2. Security
  3. Blazing Speed
  4. Highly Customizable
  5. Dedicated System Resources


VPS Servers Are Highly Dependable

There's nothing worse than spending countless hours crafting the perfect page and website to speak for you, only to find that nobody can access it. While there are mitigating factors out of your control, such as your host's system maintenance, or an unforeseen internet outage, prospective customers aren't too forgiving about websites they can't access.

That's where VPS servers enter the game. Magicals VPS servers drastically limit how many servers share the same node or the same cloud. As a result, VPS users enjoy outstanding uptime with minimal downtime. That in itself is enough to invest in a VPS server because your prospective customers can reliably find your website and interact with it.


Enjoy Increased Security With A VPS Server

When you host a website, you must factor in security. WordPress websites are no exception. And while it is wise for you and your Internet team to build your security measures, VPS servers are renowned for their devoted security resources. Because there are only a handful of websites per node, WordPress has peace of mind by having total control over your WordPress server's security. This gives you the freedom to set up firewalls to meet your WordPress site's needs.


Speed Matters

Having a visible website is only half of the equation, Magicals. Speed matters in the world of websites, including WordPress. Speed matters not only for your target audience to swiftly browse your custom WordPress blog or WooCommerce store but also for the major search engines. Goggle and Bing are two titans in the search engine sphere. If your WordPress website were to land on the first page of their searches, a determining factor is how fast your website loads.

WP Rocket
(WP Rocket)

Don't worry. It isn't necessary to be an experienced web developer to make your website load preferably in two seconds less, which Google highly recommends. Remember, WordPress is plugin intensive. WP Rocket is considered the top cache plugin for WordPress. With a few clicks, WP Rocket solves your WordPress on-page speed performance. You can get your WP Rocket license here for $49/year.

But, your host server needs to be equipped for speed as well. Again, VPS servers rise to the moment by giving your custom WordPress site all the space it needs to fly. With no other website competition, your WordPress VPS server can monopolize the system's resources to their full potential. Depending on sophisticated your WordPress website is, you can optionally install other speed cache resources like Redis to turn your WordPress theme into a true speed demon.


Customize Your WordPress VPS Server Till Your Heart's Content

Just like one dress size doesn't fit all, neither do VPS servers. The world of WordPress websites is both creative and complex. Some WordPress sites are simple, while others are enterprise e-commerce sites with many server needs. But, again, VPS servers shine brighter than shared hosting.

When you first purchase your VPS server, it comes bare. You are free to install assets and tweak them to meet your needs. If you are brand new to VPS servers, it might seem intimidating at first to set them up, but there are plenty of internet guides that can help you navigate this field, including setting up a VPS server for WordPress. But, if you don't feel comfortable, it might be wise to hire a WordPress developer or invite your tech-savvy friend or coworker to lunch and charm them into helping you.

A VPS Server Means Total Dedication

Just like you dedicated yourself to creating your fabulous WordPress blog or website, you need dedicated server resources. This is yet another reason to make that move to a VPS server. When you purchase a VPS server for your WordPress site, you get RAM and CPU performance, to name a few, exclusively for your WordPress theme.

If you're wondering, HostGator and Bluehost are two of the top VPS cloud hosting companies in the market.

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