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Published: March 8th, 2022

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Discover React 18

Okay Magicals, we know that the black woman is working her magic in the business world, but also through the coding world. Take the marvelous Black women at Black Girls Can Code , for example. If you are a React developer or if you’ve dabbled in web design from scratch, I’m willing to bet your mouth is agape right about now and that you’re sitting on the edge of your seat. While the highly anticipated version is now available with the Next.js and Gatsby frameworks, ReactJS promises to be worth the wait.


Why Should I Care About ReactJS 18?

We know, it seems like every time you turn around, there’s always some new framework or update hitting the market. And while many are still digesting the marvelous new additions and upgrades from ReactJS 17 , released a year ago, some new and vital additions ReactJS 18 offers:

  1. Critical performance updates out of the gate.
  2. Important enhancements to the server-side rending arena.
  3. Say hello to React server components.

nextjs with reactjs18

What’s The Suspense Surrounding SSR?

Let’s break down what exactly SSR (Server Side Rendering) is. In the early years of Internet Streaming, browsing the internet often featured significant lag time because of limited bandwidth and the dependence on client-side rendering. Client-side rendering, in short, entails all of the page loading and JavaScript loading on the user’s side of the server.

Needless to say, this contributed to many headaches and slow browsing nights. However, at the turn of the new and current millennium, the internet improved for the better. Prominent search engines like Google helped to usher in a new and improved SEO ranking system that factors heavily speed.

This SEO improvement led to an overhaul of how websites are designed and developed, giving rise to prominent JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS. Similar frameworks include Angular 13, Vue 2, and Vue 3. The chief benefit of using a JavaScript framework is the single page application system, which transformed web speed because it loads all the JavaScript and elements in the browser instead of the client’s side of things. As you guessed, single-page applications (s.p.a. for short) are the precursor to SSR.


React 18 Takes SSR To New Heights

Now that you understand SSR, it is easy to see why the highly anticipated React 18 is the rage, courtesy of concurrent streaming. React developers can now perform SSR rendering directly through HTTP protocol. An extra feature to Suspense SSR is fetching data lazily, which dramatically increases web loading speed.

reactjs18 code
(React Code)

Did You Say React Server Components?

Yes, we did. A trademark of React development is creating reusable components, another commonality among Javascript frameworks. Instead of traditionally rendering components through REACTDOM.render(), React 18 ushers in the React Server Components feature where you get to render all React components directly on the webserver.

This phenomenon eliminates client-side rendering. Rendering React components on the server in tandem with the Suspense feature breaks downloading the entire app into smaller segments so that users can interact with the React app much more quickly and effectively. Throw in the ground-breaking Next.js Transition API, and you have a sure home run with React 18.

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