Why Black Female Entrepreneurs Should Use A Custom Wordpress Theme

Published: March 7th, 2022

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Build your business empire with a custom WordPress theme.

Greetings, Magicals and black female entrepreneurs. 2022 marks yet another new year, but some things remain the same. The power and burgeoning world of WordPress continue to rise like your desire to take your hard-earned business to the next level, or if you are beginning from square one, off the ground. Today, having a website that embodies your brand is essential for your business' success. But I don't know how to build a website, and I don't have a ton of money to hire a web developer. What do I do? Turn to WordPress.

WordPress Logo
(WordPress Logo)
  1. Thousands Of Elegant WordPress Themes With Variety
  2. Easy To Install And Setup
  3. Simple To Create Web Content And Maintenance
  4. Ecommerce Functionality

(Bebloghi Custom WordPress Theme)

Visually Striking WordPress Themes With Variety

Another undisclosed reason for the WordPress boom is how affordable WordPress themes are. Depending on your budget, you can obtain a professional WordPress without breaking the bank. So Magical Naturally has done the legwork for you on some of the top WordPress themes for under $100, for both business and blogging:

Aileen Custom WordPress Theme
(Aileen Custom WordPress Theme)
  1. Aileen – Two is always better than one, and that's precisely what you get with the Aileen blog theme that comes with Woocommerce functionality. Get Aileen today for only $39.
  2. Bebloghi – This elegant blogger theme not only comes with several theme customizations, but it gives your audience a colorful and elegant interactive experience. You can purchase your Bebloghi license for $49.
  3. Penny Divi Business – This elegant business coach theme with rustic colors is a multi-theme WordPress theme suitable for copywriters, coaching professionals, and black female entrepreneurs who want to get their creative juices flowing. In mere minutes, you can customize any of the nine elegant layouts to meet your needs. The Penny Divi Business Theme is available for $89.
Penny Custom WordPress Theme
(Penny Custom WordPress Theme)

Magicals also remember that sometimes the best things in life come for free. So yes, WordPress comes with many free themes that are downloadable directly from the WordPress theme website.

Bebloghi Custom WordPress Theme
(Wordpress Plugings Page)

Setting Up A WordPress Theme Is Easier Than You Think

Okay, you've gone out and purchased your custom WordPress theme, and you're ready to share it with the world. But, how exactly do I get WordPress up and running? While eventually, your finished website must be put on a live server (you can click here to learn how to upload your WordPress theme to a liver server). The staff at So Magical Naturally highly recommends that you first install and develop your WordPress site on your localhost. Creating your WordPress site has many advantages, one of which is sparing your unfinished WordPress template from a global audience.

If you don't possess any web development or coding experience, you can again check out our (guide on setting up a WordPress theme). The principles for operating WordPress on a liver server and your local machine are the same. Of course, you can hire an experienced WordPress developer, but that can get costly. Or, if you have a tech-savvy friend, this might be the time to call them up on the phone and treat them to that long-overdue up of coffee. If you feel comfortable developing your WordPress theme, you can start by downloading the latest WordPress version(5.9.1) here.

Wordpress Plugins Page
(WooCommerce Logo)

Have Fun Creating WordPress Content

Congratulations on getting your custom WordPress theme set up. Now to the fun part! Creating your WordPress website. Gone are the days of understanding how to code each web page element from scratch. Sure, suppose you're a professional WordPress developer. In that case, you can customize the code or even create your theme, but if you want to get started building web content, WordPress tremendously simplifies this process. The So Magical Naturally staff highly recommends immediately doing the following when you install your WordPress website:

  1. Familiarize with The WordPress Dashboard
  2. Install WordPress Rocket
  3. Consider installing a WordPress page builder

1) When you first glance at the WordPress dashboard, it might seem intimidating but don't worry. Navigating the WP dashboard will become second nature with enough practice. You can log in to your site at any time to the WordPress dashboard by entering your domain name followed by this suffix /wp-admin .

Custom Wordpress Theme dashboard
(Custom WordPress Theme Dashboard)

The three most prominent areas on the dashboard include posts, pages, and plugins.

  • Posts – Where you create your excellent blog posts to share with the world
  • Pages – This is where you make static pages for your website, like your homepage or about page
  • Plugins – Where you install third-party components like media galleries and media players

2) Get Your WordPress Rocket License

Don't hesitate a moment longer. Install WP Rocket. What good is a beautiful WordPress website that you've spent countless hours on perfecting if the site takes too long to load? Just as important as presentation is how fast your website loads. The faster your website loads, the higher your WordPress site's ranking will enjoy on major search engines like Google and Bing.

While there are many qualified cache plugins to boost the speed and performance of your WordPress theme, the staff at So Magically Naturally is keen on WP Rocket because it's highly affordable at $49/year. Here are some of the highlights and incentives to get your copy of WP Rocket

  1. Caching supreme with the chance to defer javascript on each page
  2. Remove unwanted CSS with a click of the mouse
  3. Highly compatible with the elite eCommerce plugins for WordPress
  4. WP Rocket comes with multiple languages to work with
  5. Tremendous customer support

You can purchase your license for WP Rocket by clicking here.

3) Invest In A WordPress Page Builder

Perhaps the true genius around WordPress is how simple it makes the page creation process. Again, this is why WordPress continues to draw global support for those who don't have any coding experience. You can use the rich text editor build-in with WordPress in tandem with the unique WordPress shortcut system.

Custom Wordpress Theme Page Builder
(Custom WordPress Theme Page Builder)

Very briefly, because WordPress is plugin-intensive, you will need to use a series of shortcodes to install them in your WordPress page or blog post. A WordPress shortcode is a shortcut to insert a WordPress plugin directly in your page or blog post.

Outside of a WordPress page cache plugin, arguably the most vital WordPress plugin for your custom site is a WordPress page builder. Depending on your coding skills, a WordPress page builder is your lifeline for building your elegant WordPress website. But, of course, simplicity is only one of the main advantages of using a WordPress page builder.

  1. Prevents the need to learn how to code HTML
  2. Use pre-built modules to build a visually stunning web page
  3. Integrate your WordPress theme's style with the page builder
  4. Take advantage of templates and landing pages that come with the WordPress page builder

Now that you have a handle on how sophisticated a WordPress page builder is, the next step is to select the one that fits your needs and budget. Don't worry, Magicals. We've done the legwork for you as well on the top WordPress Page Builders.

  1. Elementor – Tallying over 5 million downloads to date, the Elementor page builder offers over 90 free widgets and tremendous customer support. In addition, Elementor's maintenance mode enables you to create coming soon pages. The Elementor Pro version clocks in at $49+/year, depending on your needs.
  2. WP Page Builder - After more than 10,000 downloads, the WP Page Builder is solid and reliable. The WP Page Builder features 60 pre-designed blocks and 38 extensions that greatly simplify web page creation. WP Page Builder Pro is available for $39+/year.
  3. Beaver Builder – This high-profile WordPress Page Builder has over 300,000 downloads. Beaver Builder allows you to switch to different themes without losing any of your content, and it is strongly compatible with Woocommerce. Prices for Beaver Builder begin at $99/year.

Other notable WordPress Page Builders include Gutenberg, Live Composer, and Page Builder Sandwich.

(WooCommerce Themes)

WordPress Is A Major Ecommerce Platform

Magicals, we weren't kidding when we said that WordPress is the number-one user-friendly website platform. Yes, you can create your blog and other WordPress websites, but you can incorporate ecommerce through Woocommerce.

Woocommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin exclusively for WordPress. The Wocommerce plugin was created and designed for small businesses and fabulous black female entrepreneurs such as yourself. So why should you incorporate Woocommerce in your custom WordPress theme? Consider these feature-rich details:

  1. The Woocommerce plugin itself is free to use, but if you want a feature-intensive and elegant Woocmerce theme, you will have to make an investment. Wordpress.org and ThemeForest are major sites where you can purchase Wocommerce templates.
  2. Integrate premium shipping services like USPS and UPS
  3. Create a physical or digital online store with product management

Like WordPress, you can download quality Woocommerce themes for free by clicking here.

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