The Martin Cast Returns For The 30th Anniversary Of The Martin TV Show

Published: Feburary 28th, 2022

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martin cast of martin tv seriesThe Martin Cast Returns For The 30th Anniversary Of The Martin TV Show

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(Martin Lawrence And Martin Cast)

Yo Gina! Martin's Back

Thirty years ago, actor and comedian Martin Lawrence came into America's living room's through his wildly popular and self-titled sitcom, Martin, on the Fox network. And ever since the Martin tv series finale on May 1st, 1997, loyal Martin fans wondered if there would ever be a Martin reboot. The answer is yes. Martin and the gang are coming back one more time to commensurate the 30th-anniversary of the Martin tv show. This long-sought fan-favorite will air sometime this summer on BET+. 

Martin Lawrence starred as Martin Payne, the loud and over-the-top Detroit talk show host who was never short of antics or impromptu comedic thrills. Martin's argumentative but supportive wife, Co-star Tisha Campbell (Gina), joins the reunion. In addition, two of the original three supporting cast members, Tichina Arnold (Pam) and Carl Anthony Payne II (Cole), join Martin and Tisha. Sadly, Thomas Mikal Ford (Tommy) will not be a part of this highly anticipated reunion due to his passing in 2016. 

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martin cast of the martin tv series
(martin cast promo)

What Martin Tv Fans Can Expect

Actor and comedian Affion Crockett hosted the star-studded reunion, which has already been recorded. On numerous occasions, Martin Lawrence's enthusiasm to rekindle the fanfare of his titular show got the better of him, which means hordes of laughs for the viewing audience. Fans fondly remember Martin's famous shouting and whining and his unique ability to play numerous characters like (Sheneneh) which often feuded Arnold's character (Pam). Likewise, Pam and Martin feuded over Gina. 

Actor and comedian Affion Crockett hosted the star-studded reunion, which has already been recorded. On numerous occasions, Martin Lawrence's enthusiasm to rekindle the fanfare of his titular show got the better of him, which means hordes of laughs for the viewing audience. Fans fondly remember Martin's famous shouting and whining and his unique ability to play numerous characters like (Sheneneh) which often feuded Arnold's character (Pam). Likewise, Pam and Martin feuded over Gina.  The Martin Lawrence reunion will feature more than the main characters coming together. To give Martin's fans the ultimate tribute, the reunion includes interviews with the show's directors, behind-the-scenes commentary, and special musical performances.  

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The Martin Tv Show's Impact On Pop Culture

The Martin Show ran for six seasons on Fox and racked up prestigious awards such as the 1993's People's Choice Award and the 1996 NAACP Image Awards for outstanding supporting actors in a comedy series and outstanding leading actresses in a comedy series. Martin also featured hilarious, over-the-top reoccurring characters like Bruh Man, Martin's neighbor who always helped himself to Martin's food. Faithful fans will remember Hustle Man, played by Tracy Morgan, the star of his own wildly popular sitcom, The Last O.G. Tisha Campbell, has gone on to star in numerous movies and television shows. But by far, Martin Lawrence benefited the most from Martin's success. 

Immediately after Martin's conclusion, Martin Lawrence went on to star in many Hollywood blockbusters like Life, starred Eddie Murphy, and Michael Bay's action-comedy franchise Bad Boys, also starring Academy Award nominee Will Smith.

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Mz. Black Magic And The Martin TV Series

Mz. Black Magic's take on The gang from the Martin TV series is back.

Greetings Magicals. For me, The Martin TV series wasn't just another show. Sure, every year, there's always a hit film and a new television series coming out, but for me 1992 wasn't just another year. I remember rushing home from dance classes to tune into next episode of the Martin TV Show. When Monday rolled around, everyone was talking about what Martin Lawrence said and did. This is especially true when I first started off at cosmetology school to become the stylist that I am today.

The Martin Cast wasn't the only thing that made 1992 a special year for me. I, like everyone else couldn't get enough of Whitney Houston's bomb song, "I Will Always Love You." And yes, Magicals I was singing that song, just like you couldn't get enough of hearing Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road." But, as Vanessa Williams so eloquently sang back in 1992, "Save The Best For Last." Thanks for taking time to read this side note, and I can't wait to see The 30th anniversary reunion of The Martin TV Series. It's gonna be lit!

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